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Last week I wrote about some interesting places I discovered right in my own backyard. It is very difficult to get a quick drive to Tarpon Springs, but when the weekend is over and the weather gets warm and mild, you can go all the way down to Clearwater Beach. Although there are many attractions in Clearwaters Beach, such as TARPON Springs Sponge Docks, which are just a short drive north of Clear Water, I recommend staying at Clear Water Beach.

If you want to learn something about sponges, but the thought of boarding a boat that turns your stomach like a tombola drum, you should take a look at the historical tour. Tarpon Springs also has its own fantastic beach, Fred H. Howard Park, and if you're interested in the sponge docks that are so popular with tourists, it also has its own sponge docks from TARPON Springs. Before visiting Tarsons Springs, you should visit Dodecanese Boulevard, also known as the "sponge in the water."

Experience the quaint local shops, walk through the sponge docks and enjoy breathtaking views of Tarpon Springs, the beautiful beach and the quaint local shops. If you are anywhere in the Central Florida area, I strongly recommend you visit TARPON Springs Florida for a day trip. Enjoy a short trip to Tarsons Springs and consider spending the day there. You can also find it on your way to Clearwater Beach or Crystal River, Florida. A day of kayaking on the Crystal River in Florida combines a delicious Greek dinner in Tarcos Springs with an incredible day trip to Clearwaters Beach that is absolutely worth the drive.

If you are hiking in Florida or just coming here as a tourist, be sure to include the great Tarpon Springs area on your list of attractions. So if you're on a Florida trip, make sure you take the time to visit TARPON Springs at any time. The best time of year to put this on your Florida travel bucket list is the spring week.

Sponge is full of shops, bars and restaurants, and you should consider staying at one of the many Tarpon Springs hotels, such as the Quality Inn and Suites. Located off US Highway 19 North, the Hampton Inn & Suite TARPON Springs is a popular eatery and was voted the # 4 hotel in Tarsons Springs on TripAdvisor. The quality of food and beverages at this quality hotel is considered the best in the state of Florida and is a great place to stay for a few days or even a week in and around TARPON SPRINGS.

This is an easily accessible shopping destination that seniors will enjoy, as well as a great place for children and families with small children.

Experiencing a range of Mediterranean delights is by far the best thing in Tarpon Springs. Although it does not attract the same level of tourists as some of the more popular tourist destinations in Florida, it does attract students who want to study or immerse themselves in Greek culture. Before you leave Central Florida, you will have the opportunity to experience the great food and culture of Greece.

The restaurant and bakery Hellas are the destination for all those who have visited the sponges, and they should not be missed. Hella Restaurant & Bakeries has a number of big fat Greek favorites, but there are many more great options in Tarpon Springs and a variety of other restaurants.

If you're visiting the west coast of Florida from the Tampa - Clearwater Beach area and looking for something different and much Greek, check out Tarpon Springs if you can. It is a great place for fun activities in spring and makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida. Explore deep sea fishing with the two George and explore sponges and deep sea fishing with two George.

This map shows where the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks are located in Florida (you really should spend more time in the Bahamas) and what the water looks like. If you are planning a long-term vacation on the west coast of Florida from the Tampa - Clearwater Beach area, you would better bring a few extra suitcases if you are sure you can handle it. The TARPon springs sponge docks make it possible, so you don't have to stay here, but only stay a few days or even a week or two.

Tarpon Springs may be a small town, but it is full of history and when you leave the museum you will have a whole new appreciation for this resort. On the way to Tarp on Springs you will drive through a series of beautiful beaches, visit the Anclote River, see a variety of birds including magnificent frigates, make a short stop on the island and take a look over the waters of the Gulf. To this end, a day trip that includes a visit to the TARPON Springs Museum and its museum could be particularly effective. You can also learn a little about its history at the Tampa - Clearwater Beach Historical Society and the Florida State Museum.

More About Tarpon Springs

More About Tarpon Springs