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Here are the 5 best things to do when you're in the Tampa Bay Area to enjoy a good meal and have a good time with friends, family and friends.

Just outside Tarpon Springs, Sunset Beach is a wonderful place to soak up the sun and fresh ocean air. Take a boat trip to see dolphins, manatees and nearby islands for $20 along the beautiful Dodecanese Boulevard. Many tourists come to this part of Florida to go scallops in Homosassa, but many tourists swim in their natural habitat and are known to swim with manatees when the warm springs gush down below.

Make the most of the time there by walking around and relaxing, then you will land at the docks to explore some of the city's attractions.

If you'd rather go out and forget to order takeout than have it delivered, check out some of the pick-up deals if you have to choose Domino's, but 2011 brought us Marbled Pizza, a food delivery from Tarpon Springs that didn't disappoint. Next time you fancy a cheese-topped slice of handmade pizza, check out TARPON Springs' Domino's to see if they offer pickup or not.

Here are some of the best takeaway options we've found along the way in Tarpon Springs, and we're excited to showcase restaurants that are popular with Uber Eats users in and around Tarpon Springs. American cuisine, look for "American" and discover these restaurants, but we have about 10 of TARAPON SPRINGS to consider.

Some highlights are the squid cooked in tomato sauce with feta and the chicken tikka masala. Domade stuffed grape leaves are one of our Greek delicacies, but we had a few of them too.

When I lived in Tampa, I regularly visited Tarpon Springs, but last week I returned to celebrate my father's 90th birthday.

So if you're on a Florida trip, be sure to take some time out during your break to visit Tarpon Springs. Browse the shops for unique and authentic souvenirs as you watch the sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful waterfalls of Lake Okeechobee. Don't forget to stay at the TARPon Shell Shack, where you'll find some of the best local food and beverages in the state of Florida, as well as a wide selection of local craft beers, wines and spirits.

Stroll through the restaurants and shops of downtown Tarpon Springs to find some of the best local food and beverages in the state of Florida. The factory is located right on the sponge dock and is a great place to visit food and other fun attractions before you leave.

If you want coffee, dessert or a hearty meal, order something tasty with Uber Eats in Tarpon Springs. Find your favorite - you can deliver it and order your food at one of the hundreds of restaurants, bars and restaurants in the state of Florida. Search for all our favorite places to eat in TARPON Springs and jump straight to the list of the best local food and drinks.

Looking at the restaurant reviews of Uber Eats users and comparing them with the average restaurant review in Tarpon Springs of 4.6 can also help you get a feel for the popularity of a restaurant.

The historic sponge dock area is a popular tourist attraction on the Anclote River west of Pinellas Avenue. Several Tarpon Springs locations have been added to the National Register of Historic Places, including the Historic Sponge Dock, TARPON Springs Historic District and A.D.M. Park.

Many tourists are drawn to Tarpon Springs because it is famous for its sponges and the area around the Sponge Dock is a popular tourist attraction on the Anclote River west of Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs.

Although Tarpon Springs does not attract as many tourists as other tourist destinations like Palm Beach County, it does attract students who want to study or immerse themselves in Greek culture.

The Leepa Ratner Museum of Art is located in the Tarpon Springs Heritage Museum, located at the corner of South Main Street and North Palm Beach Boulevard, open from 10: 00 a.m. to 4: 00 p.m. weekdays. The LeepsaRatner Museum of Art is the oldest museum in Florida and one of only a handful of museums in North Florida. Quality Inn & Suites in TARPON Springs hosts a variety of restaurants, hotels and a number of bars and restaurants for the local community.

A popular place for locals and tourists, here you will find some of the best restaurants and souvenir shops in the city.

Domino's has been offering uningredient pizza since 2008 and has become one of the most popular pizza outlets in the Tampa Bay area. The deboned wings and buffalo chicken wrap are among the most frequently ordered items, and there are also Greek products available for purchase. Domino's is determined to be the best pizza maker in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and everything they do reflects that commitment.

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More About Tarpon Springs