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As a 501c3 non-profit organization, the Tarpon Springs Art Association has proven itself over time and maintained its outstanding performance.

They hold monthly meetings and workshops, organize art exhibitions in member cities, support and support local artists, and decorate the walls of the historic Rose Cemetery, to name but a few. It is a great way to learn about the history of Tarpon Springs and see the wildlife while watching a beautiful Florida sunset. The TARPON Springs Dolphin Tour is another great way to see dolphins and marine life. This year marks the first time in the city's history that the annual "Dolphin Day" will be celebrated in 2020.

Explore the history of deep-sea fishing with two of Florida's most famous fishing legends, George Washington and John F. Kennedy. This includes visiting the Tarpon Springs Aquarium and pinball and other arcade games while doing other things from TARPON Springs.

Staying closer to Sponge Docks allows you to enjoy the local flavor of Tarpon Springs. Top activities include sunbathing on the beach, visiting the Clearwater Aquarium and shopping and dining in the Cleveland Street District. You can also stay in nearby Dunedin, which offers more options, or consider a day trip to a nearby destination after getting tired of the tourist attractions of TARPON Springs.

Most of these parks are not far from Tarpon Springs and feel serene without the crowds of Sponge Docks tourists. Fred Howard County Park has $5 parking, so if you're looking for a free beach, try Sunset Beach. Another must-see is the TARPON Springs parks and attractions such as the Clearwater Aquarium, Cleveland Street District and Blue Ridge Park in Dunedin.

The National Park is also ideal for bird watching and you can see over 40 species of birds and observe all the activities on Lake Tarpon. There are many boaters on the lake, so there are many boating activities and activities in the park, as well as activities such as kayaking, canoeing and kayaking races that can be observed. The Bayou Trail is a winter route where you can see manatees in the Bayou and a variety of other wildlife, from birds to sea lions, dolphins and even sea turtles.

A walk to Sponge Docks is one of the most popular activities in Tarpon Springs, and various cruises and boat trips start here, which is a great place for both children and adults. While kids love the Sponge Dock cruises, there are many other fun things to do with your kids at TARPON Springs that are specifically designed for kids, such as swimming, canoeing and kayaking.

O Odyssey Cruises and Spongeorama Cruiselines have shelling cruises that stop in TARPON Springs and other parts of the Gulf of Mexico and other locations in the region.

Sponge boat tours from Tarpon Springs usually take 45 minutes and start at Historic Sponge Docks and lead down the Anclote River to the Gulf Waters. The sponge boats take visitors along the river to the Gulf of Mexico and then back to TARPON Springs. Dolphin and deep sea fishing fill up with dolphins, pelicans and seagulls following the boat.

For this reason alone, the Replay Museum is one of the most underrated activities in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Located in the heart of downtown TARPON Springs, accessible by private boat or ferry, it is a very nice building inside and out. It is located at the intersection of Main Street and the Anclote River, just a few blocks from the beach.

Exploring the parks and nature reserves of the District is the perfect way to extend your day-trip sightseeing in Tarpon Springs into a long weekend getaway. It is perfect for spending a day outdoors with the family, and exploring the county's parks or nature reserves is the perfect way to spend your long weekend in TARPON Springs. If you're wondering what else is at stake with all of these activities on the TARPON SPRINGS program, here's a list of 22 great things to do in Tarson Spring, Florida. We hope that our TARSON tourist information sources will help you plan your best trip ever. What are the best things culture lovers can do with their family and friends in and around the springs of Tarpon, Florida?

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