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See our Tarpon Springs travel guide for a list of the best things to do in and around Tarsons Springs, Florida. To help you plan your best trip to the area, we've listed the 11 best things you can do as a child in TARPON Springs with your family and friends. As you work out your itinerary, here are some of our top 10 tips and tricks to do good in or near Tarron Springs.

This includes visiting the Tarpon Springs Aquarium, pinball and other arcade games with friends and family, and other activities at TARPON Springs. The breathtaking Pinellas Trail leads through Tarsons Springs and you can explore the deep sea fish with two georgefishes. Adventurous visitors can also visit to pet baby sharks and rays and learn more about marine life in the nearby Gulf of Mexico. These creatures can be explored by boat, kayak, boat or even on a boat trip with a group of friends.

Once you're fed up with the tourist attractions of Tarpon Springs, consider a day trip to a nearby destination for a more intimate experience.

Located off US Highway 19 North, the Hampton Inn and Suites Tarpon Springs is a popular hotel in the area and was voted the # 4 hotel in TARPon Springs on TripAdvisor. Stay at one of the many hotels in the area, such as the Hilton, Hampton or Hampton Suite, as well as a number of other local hotels and restaurants in and around the city.

The top activities in Tarpon Springs include fishing, boating, jet skiing and kayaking, as well as a variety of other outdoor activities. Whether you are fishing or boating, jet skiing or kayaking, the TARPon springs are the perfect place for you. The beautiful beaches, waterfalls, lakes and scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico are perfect for spending a day outdoors with the family.

If you live or winter in Florida, you should definitely add the great Tarpon Springs area to your list of attractions. If you spend a day in TARPON Springs and only come here occasionally as a tourist, you should plan a trip to learn more about the amazing beaches, waterfalls, lakes and scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico. During the spring week, this is a great place to be sure to add to your Florida travel bucket list.

Exploring the parks and nature reserves of the District is the perfect way to extend your day-trip sightseeing in Tarpon Springs into a long weekend getaway. Most of these parks are not far from TARPON Springs and feel cheerful without the crowds of Sponge Docks tourists. Some of the must-see trips - a day at Tarsons Springs Park - and a trip to the Gulf of Mexico are included in the Florida Parks and Wildlife Conservation Commission's list of Florida's top 100 parks.

Those who consider visiting Tarpon Springs as a retirement home will be surprised to discover the many interesting places to explore. So if you're on a Florida trip, be sure to leave some time in your itinerary to visit TARPON Springs and make it part of your long weekend getaway.

There are several Tarpon Springs locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the TARPON Springs Golf Course, Rosedale Golf Club and the Palm Beach County Courthouse. Most of them are located on the Dodecanese Boulevard, but there are also a number of other historical sites such as the Old Town Hall, the park of the Old Town Hall or the Old Town Hall. There is one easy shopping destination that all seniors will love: the mall on the corner of South Main Street and Dixie Highway.

It is one of the oldest shopping centers in the state of Florida and is on the National Register of Historic Places, along with the Palm Beach County Courthouse and Old Town Hall.

If you're visiting the west coast of Florida from the Tampa - Clearwater Beach area and looking for something different and much Greek, then you should visit Tarpon Springs. Here are 22 delightful things to do in Tarsons Springs Sponge Docks in TARPon Spring, Florida. If you're wondering what culture lovers do in Tarron Springs, Florida, here's what they do. We hope our Tarp on the Springs tourist information office will help you plan your best trip ever.

Depending on the season you visit Tarpon Springs, there are special activities, some of which are certainly suitable for every traveler. Strangely enough, some of the best things to do in Tarsons Springs have more to do with family time than arriving in a Greek village. If you're looking for something to do while visiting the Tarron Springs area, you'll find there's something for everyone.

A range of Mediterranean delights is by far the best in Tarpon Springs, and the big, fat Greek favourite is Hellas Restaurant and Bakery. There are a number of Greek restaurants and bakeries in the area, but the biggest and fattest Greek favourites are Hella's Restaurant & Bakeries. They are not to be missed and are the perfect place for anyone who wants to visit them for their delicious Greek cuisine. The fact that the Tarsons Springs sponge docks are home to the largest Greek community in the United States brings with it a sense of pride to be part of one of the largest Greek communities in America, if not the world.

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